Most people think about the body building supplements whenever they hear about supplements. However, there are different types of cardio supplements which you can use to guarantee your performance during cardio exercises. Athletes are involved in intensive training exercises such as running 50-100 miles a week or even swimming endlessly in the pool. All these activities require a lot of energy.

Fortunately the available cardio supplements would give you the required energy. The main benefits that can be obtained from cardio supplements include the following:iuygkiuhkjhhhoij

  • Boosting your performance and training energy enabling you to break your personal records.
  • Increasing the mental stamina
  • Improving the body’s recovery time
  • Strengthening the active muscles to work longer and harder

Cardio can be the greatest survival asset when one is running from zombies, traveling long distances to the safety of even fleeing from the dangerous predators.
These are the top cardio supplements


Caffeine helps to improve energy, mental ability, and performance. It is therefore taken by many athletes before training. Caffeine can be obtained from the following sources:
Pre-workout drinks, caffeine powder, caffeine pills, energy chews, gels or blocks, 5-hour energy and fro energy packets.


Creative is used to improve the power, strength, and recovery. This product has also been proven to help in improving the recovery time when conducting intensive training as well as decreasing lactate during exercises. This product also helps to improve the muscle size and strength thereby helping you in pushing yourself faster, harder and longer.


Electrolytes are minerals required by your body for maintaining proper functions. Electrolytes are needed by the body to avoid dehydration, cramping, fatigue and other painful problems. Electrolytes are lost from the body through sweat especially when one is involved in endurance training.

The lost electrolytes are regained through the various cardio supplements which include the following:
Saltstick electrolyte capsules, Gatorade drinks, Tailwind Nutrition and the Nuun active hydration tablets. All these electrolytes will help in keeping your performance high.


Cardio exercises lead to depletion of the glycogen levels in the body. The various types of carbohydrate supplements help one to replenish the glycogen level thereby improving his or her performance during the workout period. Carbohydrates are found in   abundance in the following diets: pasta, cereals, French fries, soda, and American diet e.t.c. some of the carbohydrates are easily digested by the body to provide ready-to-use energy.

They can be obtained from the following supplements: Sport drinks, energy bars, GU Gels and in natural fruits such as oranges, bananas and berries. These carbohydrates give the body the calories needed in powering the body.