Marijuana is a popular drug across the world. It is widely used for recreational purposes, but some other countries have started embracing it for medicinal use. Marijuana, which is from the cannabis plant, has different components that can get you high and help you feel relaxed. THC and CBD are some of the compounds found in the plant. Several countries have legalized marijuana either for recreational or medicinal use or both.

You might be subjected to a drug test on several occasions to look for different drugs in your system. Marijuana is one of the drugs they look out for. Blood, urine, saliva, and hair samples can be taken to conduct these tests. What you should understand is that marijuana can stay in urine for more than two days or even months.

marijuanaThe chances of turning out positive when going for a drug test are much higher. You can detoxify to avoid testing positive of marijuana during such tests. There are several detox drinks, pills, or shampoo that can cleanse you quickly. The other trick is using synthetic urine. This has worked out for many. You have to ensure the synthetic urine you plan to use is in the right condition before the test. The several instances you may be required to undergo a marijuana test include:

During Employment

This is one requirement for you to qualify to work in a particular company or organization. Going through a marijuana test helps in determining whether you are in the perfect state to serve in a specific organization. Most organizations are afraid of the impaired judgments one can make that is why they will subject you to such tests to prove you are sober enough to work for them.

urine testParticipating in Different Sports

Athletes and other sportspersons are usually subjected to such tests to prove they are in the perfect state to participate in different sporting activities. Using marijuana or other drugs can give you an unfair advantage over other competitors. This is what most sporting bodies are trying to stop.

During a Court Process

There are times one may be charged for being in possession of or using marijuana in countries where it has been banned. The jury may order you to undergo a marijuana test to prove your innocence. That is what will get you off the hook.